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Jump Safe is an organisation created to assist in educating operators, hirers and the general public about the risk and safety precautions you should be aware of, and looking to implement to ensure your children are safe.

Jump Safe was created by Craig Peter White who has been in the industry for the last decade operating internationally in Australia and The United Kingdom. After putting together a range of eBooks and informative YouTube videos, the idea of Jump Safe was developed.

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Jump Safe is committed to elevating the standards of inflatable safety for a worry-free experience. We empower inflatable owners and parents alike with comprehensive resources, educational content, and expert consulting services. Our primary focus is on safety, ensuring that fun and excitement never come at the expense of well-being. We are also deeply invested in community involvement, aiming to create a culture of safety that resonates at every level.

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Lets clean up and stay safe

Business Data Analysis

Data suggests up to 2,200 children in Australia were injured using inflatable jumping castles between 1996 and 2006. A national standard regulating commercial inflatable jumping castles was introduced in 2005. A report by Monash University also documented the number of emergency presentations in Victoria for injuries in children aged under 14, related to jumping castles. It found there were 784 presentations from 2001 to 2010, and 11 per cent of those were serious, requiring hospital admission.

Our online academy is coming soon

Jump Safe is thrilled to announce the intentions to launch our online training platform, designed to be the ultimate resource for inflatable safety. This platform will offer a comprehensive suite of educational materials, from video tutorials to downloadable templates, all curated by experts in the field. Whether you're an inflatable owner seeking to maintain the highest safety standards or a parent looking to make informed decisions about inflatable rentals, our platform will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need. Our mission is to make inflatable safety accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyone, ensuring that fun remains synonymous with safety.

Our online academy is coming soon

Understanding Safety Standards: ASTM F2374, BS EN 14960, AS 3533.4.1:2018.

Operator Accreditation: Comprehensive training for inflatable device operators.

Risk Assessment & Management: Techniques to identify and mitigate risks.

Equipment Inspection & Maintenance: Ensuring optimal safety and functionality.

Emergency Response Procedures: Planning and reacting to emergencies efficiently.

Legal Compliance & Insurance: Navigating regulatory and insurance requirements.

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Jump Safe will launch an online training platform for inflatable safety, providing educational materials, video tutorials, and downloadable templates curated by experts in the field. The platform aims to equip inflatable owners and thier team with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain high safety standards and make informed decisions. Jump Safe's mission is to make inflatable safety accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyone, prioritising safety while ensuring fun. So why not gather your team and create a fun filled education day using our new informative platform.

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